9 questions to ask yourself before going under the knife


Having any cosmetic operation is a major decision and should not be done without thought. Here’s a list of 9 questions you could ask yourself before reaching a decision.

Do I actually need cosmetic surgery?

Wanting and needing cosmetic surgery are two different things. Look at your appearance and try to be objective. How bad is your problem? Do you think you have a problem or was something said that implanted the thought in your mind? Alternatively, is it bothering you all the time, making you feel down lacking confidence and generally unhappy? If it is the latter surgery may well be the answer

Am I ignoring a different issue in my life?

If you’ve got problems at work, in your relationships or lack of relationships you’re probably unhappy and down. Are you transferring these feelings to your body rather than facing and dealing with them? Having breast augmentation may make you feel better but by itself will not improve things at work. Perhaps talk things through with a counselor or therapist first.

How will surgery impact on my life?

A nose job or facelift won’t fix your life. Your job will still be lousy after the operation. It won’t suddenly change your luck or attract money to you like a magnet. However, being happier about your appearance will undoubtedly raise your self-esteem.

Will cosmetic surgery change me?

Unlike in films, cosmetic surgery can’t make you a new person. You won’t suddenly look like Jennifer Aniston or Brad Pitt. You are who you are. Surgery improves, tones, and smoothes but is not miraculous. Be realistic in your expectations and you’ll feel great afterward.

Is the surgery for me?

Only have surgery for yourself. It’s your body and you control it. Don’t be pressured into having procedures because someone else thinks you’ll look good. You’ll look at the results every day for the rest of your life.

Do I have the money to pay for it?

Cosmetic surgery is not cheap. The best surgeons will cost the most but probably give you the best results. It’s a major investment not to be taken lightly.

Am I fit enough for surgery?

Recovery from all types of surgery is quicker if you’re fit and healthy. Cosmetic surgery can’t counteract smoking, lack of exercise, and poor diet. Your surgeon may ask you to get a bit fitter before surgery and a regular brisk 45 minute walk each day is a great start. Stop smoking and eat lots of fruit and vegetables. You’ll feel better, recover quicker, and give yourself a huge boost.

Have I the time for surgery?

Surgery is not a quick fix. You’ll need time before and after surgery to recover, probably at least 2 weeks, longer for more major surgery.

Is the pain worth it?

Cosmetic surgery isn’t playing surgery. Everybody feels worse after all surgery before they feel better. You’ll probably have pain, swelling, bruising, maybe bleeding and feel under the weather. Do exactly what your surgeon says and you’ll recover quicker and with better results.

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