Body Sculpting Technique – UltraSculpt


For those bulges that just won’t budge despite diet and exercise, liposuction has been a fat removal method of choice for many years. Liposuction, also known as lipoplasty, eliminates those stubborn pockets of excess fat deposits. This ‘body contouring’ or ‘body sculpting’ allows for slimming and reshaping particular body areas to give improved contours and body proportions. As a result of recent advances in body sculpting technology, patients can now benefit from the more sophisticated and accurate body contouring techniques offered by UltraSculpt.


Using a form of ultrasound technology, UltraSculpt is a minimally invasive technique that provides levels of precision and accuracy beyond that of conventional liposuction. With UltraSculpt physicians have the ability to control the ultrasonic vibration and to apply the appropriate energy for specific tissue types. This greater control significantly enhances the physician’s ability to target fatty deposits very precisely and extract the unwanted fat more accurately —both from very small and larger surface areas—to produce improved patient results. Patients can expect results that are typically immediate and substantial.

For patients who have been reluctant to have liposuction procedures performed due to concerns related to pain/discomfort, tissue damage, and recovery time, UltraSculpt presents a kinder, gentler alternative. The new, sophisticated ultrasound technology gently liquefies fat in the target area and removes it from the surrounding tissue with more delicacy and less trauma than has been previously possible. In fact, UltraSculpt is so gentle it can be effectively used in delicate, very sensitive body areas.


Most patients have a relatively short downtime and can expect to return to their normal routines within a few days. The short recovery time is related both to the gentler, less-traumatic nature of the procedure, and to the size of the incisions used. The much smaller incisions used in UltraSculpt procedures offer a two-fold advantage:  aesthetic value and faster healing.

In some instances, UltraSculpt may be used in combination with injections of naturally occurring substances that enhance the liquefaction of fat. Such solutions use substances like those our body normally uses to break down dietary fat. When injected into targeted areas, the solution disrupts the cell membrane of fat cells and causes them to release the fatty content they held. The body’s normal processes follow by sending special ‘clean-up’ cells or macrophages to the area to remove fat and cellular debris for clearing through the lymphatic system. The body then deposits new collagen is deposited in the treated area resulting in the skin above the area having a denser, firmer character. Using UltraSculpt following the injection of such substances provides substantial benefits including:

  • Increased depth of penetration of the injected solution into the treated tissue
  • Dispersion of fat deposits through vibration and suction techniques
  • Enhanced destruction of unwanted fibers
  • Improved tissue metabolism

As with all cosmetic surgery procedures, UltraSculpt outcomes are best when performed by qualified, experienced physicians to treat conditions for which the procedure is intended. A consultation with a qualified physician is necessary to determine whether UltraSculpt is appropriate for individual patients. Typically, however, ideal candidates for UltraSculpt have isolated problem areas that aren’t corrected with diet and exercise, are in good health and are within a prescribed weight range relative to their height. Patients must understand that UltraSculpt is a body contouring or body sculpting technique and not a weight loss procedure.

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