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With the majority of women dealing with some degree of cellulite at some point in their lives, it is no wonder there are so many products promoted for reducing or eliminating those unwanted dimples. With the plethora of products available (many underperforming their claims), it is increasingly easy to make some quite expensive trials and errors. Dermosonic® has been cleared by the FDA as a procedure for use in reducing cellulite. To better understand how Dermosonic® works, it is helpful to first have a clear understanding of what cellulite is and the factors contributing to its formation.

How Dermosonic® works

We use the term cellulite to refer to the irregular dimpling seen more often in women than men and typically found on the thighs, hips, and buttocks. Cellulite is not the same as obesity as it can be seen in thin persons as well as in those who are overweight.   (However, weight gain and unhealthy lifestyles can exacerbate its appearance.) A variety of factors contribute to the level of cellulite and its visibility. Some major factors are genetic and gender-related/hormone-influenced; skin thickness, degree and distribution of body fat, and age are additional influences.

Cellulite’s characteristic lumpiness, frequently described as an “orange peel” appearance, is caused by trapped pockets of fat in the subcutaneous fat layer. These fat deposits distort the connective tissues beneath the skin, producing the characteristic changes in the skin’s appearance. Unfortunately, the appearance can worsen with age since connective tissue loses thickness and tone to produce a more ‘flabby’ cellulite. Exercise and healthy eating habits don’t necessarily prevent cellulite formation or improve its appearance.

Dermosonic® does not employ the suction techniques used in many cellulite remedies. Instead, it utilizes a combination of two procedures—ultrasound and noninvasive subdermal therapy (NIST)—that are medically proven to work in fat reduction treatments and approved by the FDA. This two-phase treatment allows targeting of specific areas for smoothing the subdermal fat deposits and tightening the skin for a smoother, tighter appearance. In the initial phase, low-level ultrasound is used to break down stubborn fat tissues. Vibrating mechanisms are applied to the area in the second, or NIST, phase to 1) push the unwanted tissue away from the skin to the bloodstream where it can be cleared by the body’s normal processes, 2) stimulate circulation to increase the rate of clearance of the fat tissue, and 3) tighten the skin in the treated area.

Treatment sessions

Treatment sessions with Dermosonic® typically last about an hour. Although significant results can be seen after an initial procedure, a series of treatments are required for optimal results. The number of total treatments required is dependent on the level of cellulite in the treated areas and the degree of the desired improvement.

Although it may remove inches from targeted areas, Dermosonic® is not intended to be a weight-loss procedure. This cellulite treatment should be supplemented by a healthy diet and exercise regimen. The procedure is, however, effective for the temporary reduction of fat deposits in treated areas and is currently one of the most effective methods available for cellulite reduction. A consultation with a qualified professional can help determine whether Dermosonic® is right for individual candidates and assure that patients have realistic expectations for treatment outcomes.

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