How to choose a cosmetic surgeon


Wherever you live plastic and cosmetic surgery clinics advertise widely. From breast augmentation to nose jobs, facelifts to liposuction, clinics want your custom. With the advent of cheap flights, it’s even possible to have your cosmetic surgery performed overseas cheaper than your own country.

How do you choose?

With so much choice it’s difficult to decide which surgeon is the best to use. Should you be guided by price, qualifications, or convenience? Why not combine surgery with a holiday by going abroad for 2 weeks?

Surgery involves sharp scalpels, cutting, stitching, and inserting foreign objects such as breast implants. The results are there for everybody to see. Use your common sense and go for qualifications, experience, and word of mouth recommendations.

Word of mouth

Ask people you know about their cosmetic surgery. Are they satisfied with the results? Was their cosmetic surgeon pleasant and reassuring? Will they go under the knife again? If the answers are ‘yes’ you’re off to a great start in your search.


All reputable cosmetic surgeons will have web sites. A search combining “cosmetic surgeon” and “where you live” e.g. “London” will produce many results. Look at each site carefully. You want as much information as possible to read.

Ideally, the website will include the surgeon’s picture, biography, and qualifications. The different operations and procedures offered such as facelifts, breast augmentation, and nose jobs should be listed with a brief explanation of each procedure.

A well constructed and informative website suggests a professional attitude and attention to detail. Along with the right qualifications, it is an indication of a good surgeon.

Qualifications and expertise

It’s absolutely essential your surgeon is a fully qualified doctor, fully trained in both surgery and plastic and cosmetic surgery. You must accept nothing less. They will give you the best results and fewest complications.

Different countries have different medical regulations and qualifications but it’s not too hard to discover the information. Doing an Internet search using phrases such as “cosmetic surgery qualifications” is a great place to start.

In the USA plastic surgery specialists should be certified by the American Board of Plastic surgery. To obtain these surgeons qualify as doctors, do an internship and residency in general surgery or otolaryngology (Ear, Nose, and throat surgery), a further approved residency in plastic and reconstructive surgery, clinical practice for 2 years and pass written and oral exams.

This training takes at least 7 years and surgeons emerging from the end are highly qualified, highly competent plastic and cosmetic surgeons. Surgeons with this level of training achieve the most successful results. Don’t risk surgeons with lesser qualifications.

Other countries have similar training structures and good surgeons in any country will be delighted to list their qualifications and experience because they have worked long and hard to obtain them.

Finally, go and see the surgeon you’ve chosen. Talk to him or her, explain what you want, and why. If the surgeon listens to you, answers your questions, explains the whole procedure, and inspires confidence in you then you’ve found your surgeon.

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