Preparing For Chin Liposuction


Your face says a lot about you and while you may be able to downplay how you carry bodyweight with clothes and posture, your face cannot tell a lie. If there are areas of extra fat in the chin, the jowl and along the jawline, it tells the world that you are overweight. Sometimes this may not seem fair since some individuals can be lean, toned, and physically fit yet carry extra weight in their faces. Fortunately chin liposuction offers a safe and effective solution.

Chin liposuction involves making very small incisions in the chin and face and inserting a small liposuction cannula just under the skin to remove excess fat. One of the reasons that the surgery is so safe is that it can be done using local anesthesia and sedation rather than being “put to sleep” under general anesthesia. Recovery is quite fast and the results can be quite noticeable and satisfying.

If you choose chin liposuction, there are several things you must do in order to prepare for the procedure. You first must choose a surgeon that has experience with chin liposuction and one that can deliver aesthetically pleasing results. Essentially all cosmetic surgeons will have “before and after” photos of their work. Ask to see these photos for a few reasons. One, if there are no photos available, is the surgeon really experienced in the procedure? Two, it can show you how good the surgeon is at chin liposuction. Three, it can give you a realistic idea of what to expect from chin liposuction itself. Most people are very pleased about what this procedure can deliver.

Once you have chosen a surgeon, you will likely need to have two surgical office visits before the actual day of the procedure. You may also need to see an internist for medical clearance prior to surgery. On the first surgical office visit, your doctor should take pictures and use computer-assisted facial morphing technology to show you what to expect from chin liposuction. Also, your surgeon will look at your unique facial anatomy at this time. The second surgical visit will include a complete physical exam, describe the procedure, and take preoperative photographs.

Your doctor and surgeon will discuss how to take medicines around the time of surgery, but, in general, certain medications need to be stopped prior to chin liposuction. For instance, oral contraceptives may need to be stopped up to one month before the procedure. Also, aspirin-containing medications may need to be stopped as well. Only change medications under the direction of a physician. It is also a good idea to stop smoking prior to chin liposuction in order to achieve the best result. If you have diabetes it should be well controlled before embarking on any surgical procedure.

Laboratory tests are minimal and are usually done in conjunction with your medical clearance appointment. Usually there are no radiological tests (i.e. X-rays) that need to be taken for chin liposuction unless there is some unusual facial anatomy detected by the surgeon on examination.

Chin liposuction is a minor surgical procedure, is quite safe and very effective. Proper preparation helps make it a safe procedure and you should follow all of the instructions given by your physician and surgeon in order to achieve the best possible result.

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